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Why EnerSearch?

When it comes to hiring employees, EnerSearch has learned a thing or two about pinpointing who can hit the ground running, fit in with an organization’s culture and drive results. Our team has placed over 500 employees in the last ten years. Our success is due to our comprehensive process to place the best-qualified people in the right positions.
Collaborative, End-to-end Business Perspective
Our process starts with a clear understanding of our client’s organization, its history, culture, operating needs and the scope of the assignment. Our senior account executives will develop flexible staffing models allowing assignment of committed resources to client projects and ensure collaborative measures for success and prompt delivery of expected results.
Research and Sourcing
EnerSearch Group Solution’s proactive recruiting and sourcing approach provides us with a pool of pre-qualified employees. Our team is constantly recruiting and pre-screening individuals in advance.
When hiring employees, our recruiters utilize the following resources:
  • www.enersearchgroup.com: Our web site on which job seekers can find jobs and post resumés.
  • A state-of-the-art applicant tracking system (ATS) to assist our recruiters in locating personnel and posting jobs.
  • Networking: We network extensively with our current and former contract employees, our clients and trade organizations.
  • Referrals: Many candidates are referrals from our networking contacts.
  • Job Fairs: We host and attend job fairs regularly.
  • Local Community: We have developed relationships with local multicultural agencies, Chambers of Commerce and trade organizations.
  • Recruiting Resources: We subscribe to industry-specific web sites, trade publications and journals to identify candidates.
  • Advertising: We utilize print and electronic advertising to create awareness in a specific area.
Comprehensive Screening and Testing
The candidates we present to our clients have met with one of our account executives in person, have been briefed on the position and are interested in the opportunity, have the required skills for the position and have satisfactory references from previous employers.
In order to accommodate client-specific screening requirements, EnerSearch Group can expand the screening process to include background checks and skills/competency tests, upon request from our clients.
Performance Measurement
EnerSearch Group Inc. monitors our own performance and the performance of our contract employees on a continual basis to facilitate continuous improvement. Some of our key metrics include quality of candidate, velocity in time-to-hire, time-to-productivity, offer and contract management and overall experience.