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Our Approach

EnerSearch recognizes that the most important step in the recruitment process is obtaining an understanding of our clients’ needs and expectations. In consultation with our clients, we formulate a recruiting strategy that includes:
  • Establishing procedures for respecting confidentiality.
  • Thoroughly discussing and documenting a profile of the position.
  • Developing a recruiting plan for each requirement.
  • Using referrals, advertising, computerized searches and direct recruitment, searching for potential candidates.
  • Locating qualified, interested candidates and letting you know about them.
  • Interviewing each prospect, evaluating them based on your employment criteria.
  • Presenting you with candidate resumés that meet or exceed your requirements, along with a detailed report.
  • After arranging interviews, contacting you and the candidates and recommending future action.
  • Once you make your final decision, contacting references to evaluate the potential employee’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • After you make your choice, helping negotiate a final offer.
  • Helping the successful candidate leave their current job.
Throughout the first year, we maintain contact with you and the new employee to monitor our performance and that of the employee.